World Test Championship: Ashwin on the cusp of ending as top wicket taker

New Delhi: Off-spinner R. Ashwin is most likely to finish as the top wicket taker of the World Test Championship (WTC) cycle after the final between New Zealand and India next month, Count from the scalp of 70. The Australian speedstar picked the wicket in 14 games, but the wily Indian spinner has 67 scalps in 13 games. So when the WTC Finals kicks off, people pour all attention on him if they chose him XI considering the spin options available in India.

New Zealander closest to him is Tim Southee, which has won 51 turns in 10 games. If he doesn’t take the 20 wickets in the final, it’s very rare. Ashwin has 4 turnstiles hall 4 in WTC so far. This is the same Aussie off-spinner Nathan Lyon with a scalp of 56.

Ashwin in WTC

Ashwin has competed in WTC’s in India (9 tests), Australia (3 times) and New Zealand (1). So it’s no surprise that he won most of the turnstiles in India. He chose the ticket gates 52 times domestically and 15 times abroad. 12 times in Australia and 3 times in New Zealand.

This year, 32 of the 52 turnstiles of the WTC participated in 4 test series. This earned him the Man of the Series award against England with 181 runs over four innings. However, bowling in England is much different than bowling in India. India all set to host the WTC Finals next month, and as it’s raining in the UK’s early summer, it is most likely to support symbol bowling. On Wednesday, Mr. Cummins said the situation in England was favorable for New Zealand over India. In a solo test played in New Zealand as part of the WTC cycle, Ashwin’s average doesn’t have an impressive 33.

However, the fact that they played in the WTC finals Southampton just three years ago in a test series with Britain and closed their home team before scoring a 60-goal defeat from 4th place inspired . Moen Ali completely hid . He had only 9 wickets to script England’s victory, throwing 51.4 overs to 3 wickets. They were only members of that test. Moeen’s success took place in August-September, when the ticket gates were tight, near the end of the British summer. Ashwin pulled 14 wickets from England with an average of 32.92 in just six test matches. It is better than New Zealand (33) and better than Australia (42.15) and South Africa (46.14). It’s a much better number.

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