Virat Kohli joins Sachin Tendulkar for raising funds for Covid-19 relief work:

With The Postponement Of IPL 2021, India And Royal Challengers Bangalore Claim Virat Kohli and his wife Anushka Sharma Have Launched A Funding Campaign For Covid-19 Relief Efforts. After The Interruption Of The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021, A Campaign To Raise Funds For The Covid-19 Relief Campaign had To Launch The Covid-19 Relief Campaign In India.

Kohli, Who Led The Royal Challengers Bangalore In IPL 2021, while Returning To Mumbai After Being Interrupt In The Middle Of The League And Began Striving To Help Those Affected By Covid-19. The Indian Captain Urged Everyone To Join His Movement And Help The Country Help Those In Need While Continuing To Fight The Second Wave Of Coronavirus.

Virat Kohli joins Sachin Tendulkar, Pat Cummins, starts campaign for raising funds for Covid-19 relief work:

Virat Kohli starts fundraiser for Covid-19 relief after IPL 2021 suspension. (Courtesy by BCCI)

Covid-Positive Michael Hussey And Lakshmipathy Balaji Flew To Chennai On A CSK Air Ambulance. Covid-Positive Michael Hussey And Lakshmipathy Balaji Flew To Chennai On A CSK Air Ambulance.

“Anushka And I Have Launched A Campaign At @Ketto To Raise Funds For Covid-19 Relief. Thank You For Your Support. All Come Together To Help Those Around Us Who Need Our Support. .. We Encourage You To Join Our Movement”Kohli Tweeted.

We Are Experiencing An Unprecedented Era In The History Of The Country, And Our Country Needs Us All To Unite And Save As Many People As Possible. Anushka Was in Shock To See Human Suffering From Last Year, Said Kohli. Kohli Said He And His Wife Tried To Help Many People In The Fight Against The Virus. Kohli And His Actor’s Wife Anushka Sharma Also Donated Rs 200 Million To The Funding Project.

This Brings A Total Of 700 Million Rupees To Support The Fight Against The Indian Covid-19 Epidemic. The Campaign Will Run In Ketto For Seven Days, With Proceeds Being Transferred To Oxygen Through Infectious Diseases And Amounts, And Healthcare Professionals Will Be Transferred To ACT Grants, An Effort Implementation Partner To Provide Vaccination Awareness And Telemedicine Facilities.

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