Rahul Dravid states before India’s game against New Zealand, “We Will Not Prioritize Any Format.”

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To begin his tenure as head coach of Team India, Rahul Dravid stressed that no format will take precedence over the team’s first assignment under his direction.
Rahul Dravid, India’s head coach, said on Tuesday that his team will not prioritise one format over another and that there would be no break in training. A three-match Twenty20 International series between India and New Zealand will begin on Wednesday in Jaipur. Dravid’s first stint as head coach and Rohit’s permanent T20I captain.”We didn’t want to trouble them till the World Cup was gone. After the World Cup, I enjoyed talking to Rohit and Virat. isolated but able to connect via Zoom or Google meetups” Dravid announced the news during a virtual press conference on Tuesday.

Since every team is unique, “just sitting back and observing how things are done, learning but yeah,” it was an opportunity for me to “sit back and see how it runs.””

“My primary role will be observation, and I’ll step in only when absolutely required. There’s no need to hurry; we’ve got plenty of time “He continued, saying:

“Yes,” Dravid answered when asked if the Blues prioritise formats. “We don’t care about formats. As a result, we will not skimp on preparation or strategy for any of the three conceivable formats. This week, the ICC has three events, and we need to get ready. Preparation for me is a simple matter of trying to get better and being stronger as an individual player. If we continue to do that, we should have no problem.”

As for the Kiwis, Dravid argues that they are no longer the underdogs since they have a history of producing quality cricket even when things are against them.

“There is no doubt that New Zealand’s national cricket team is outstanding.

“There’s no doubt about it: the New Zealand national cricket squad is excellent. “I believe the narrative has evolved; they may begin the competition as an outside underdog, but I’m sure the teams they encounter are fully aware that they will be a major contender in whatever tournament in which they participate,” he writes. In Dravid’s words.

“There is no doubt that New Zealand is well-managed and well-equipped. In recent competitions, they have beaten India. However, this is a great opportunity for us to learn and grow so that we can one day face them in a major tournament and come out on top.” He went on with his remarks.
“I dunno,” Dravid said when asked what type of template his team should choose. No one believes Rohit and I are close to considering separate squads, and I’d prefer to participate in all formats. We are not in a position to consider distinct teams and will not do so now. Some players, understandably, like to play in a certain way. The players’ mental and physical well-being must be respected as we engage in discussion with them.”

We need athletes who are energised and fully involved, and that is the most important factor.

“We need players who are fresh and totally switched on, and that’s the most important thing in my opinion. I’ll be in constant communication with them and do my best to make sure that happens. Players are having a tough time right now, especially those who are expected to participate in a variety of different game types. We must work together; we may not be able to engage every participant; and we must accept the reality of the situation as it is. We’ll be a formidable team if we can get our schedule in order and field all of our players “He carried on.

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