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The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) needs to lessen its reliance on financing from the International Cricket Council (ICC). As cricket’s world administering body gets its major funding from India, said the board’s director Ramiz Raja. Ramiz said that this adequately implies that cricket in Pakistan is helpless before Indian organizations. Any political tension in India to stop this financing can spell calamity for the game in the country.

“The ICC is a policiticed body split between the Asian and Western alliances. Ninety percent of its incomes inherit from India. It is startling,” the PCB Chief said showing up before the Senate Standing Committee on Inter-Provincial undertakings on Thursday in Islamabad.

Raja’s Claim

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“In a manner India’s business houses are running Pakistan cricket. If tomorrow the Indian PM concludes he won’t permit any funding to Pakistan. This cricket board can fall,” he added, however didn’t expound on the particulars.

The former Pakistan skipper talked how ICC is now is just a mere, “Event Organiser Committee”. Taking into account how New Zealand and England pulled out of the tours in the country. New Zealand ended their visit only minutes before the beginning of the first match refering to a security danger and Ramiz Raja said some uplifting news could be in store with respect to the series in seven days’ time.

“What New Zealand did was unacceptable because till now they have not shared any information with us on what led them to abandon the series in Pakistan. But they are now trying to reschedule the series,” said Ramiz Raja.

The good thing is they are working on something which means they want to mend things with us,” he said.


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