Top 7 differences between BGMI and FREE FIRE

Contrasts among BGMI(PUBG) and Free Fire 

Gamers have reliably been captivated with new and advanced games, and PUBG versatile was unquestionably the primary game that gave them what they required. PUBG was conveyed in 2017 and became one of the most moving games from one side of the planet to the other. Before long, the best competitor of PUBG showed up on the scene – Garena Free Fire. Albeit Free Fire offered gamers, ostensibly, a predominant encounter of cutting edge designs and speed, here are essentially the contrasts between PUBG and Free Fire. 

PUBG is known as one of the definitive goliaths of the Battle Royale scene, and enormous quantities of the vast Battle Royale titles that followed have used PUBG as a layout for their prosperity. Garena Free Fire is likewise a Battle Royale game – a classification that Indian gamers snared on to. 

Downloads capacity

PUBG Mobile is downloaded by 500 Million+ downloads (an extra 50M+ for Battlegrounds Mobile India), while Free Fire has more than 1 Billion+ downloads on Appstore and Google Play. There is an unmistakable contrast with regards to the prominence of the two games. In addition to that, the game size of PUBG portable is somewhat more than that of Free Fire. 

Interactivity Modes

PUBG Mobile has much better and more interactivity modes open (Payload 2.0, Power Armor mode, etc.), while Free Fire has lesser and limited ongoing interaction modes (Rampage 2.0, Clash Squad). 

Graphic design

The designs of PUBG Mobile are splendid. PUBG purportedly was the top game to give reality-like strategies on portable. It utilizes Unreal Engine with point-by-point surfaces, high difference edges, and 60-90FPS outline rate support, conveying exceptionally smooth and sensible designs. A steady web association and 2GB memory are all it needs to run the game without a hitch. 

Then again, Free Fire can run even on low-end gadgets with no slack. It permits a 60FPS support alongside sharp edges yet with an arcade-styled approach. Additionally, the control of Free Fire is not challenging to utilize. Garena took a brilliant action to pick speed over realistic quality, and it took care of them with higher reception. 


Free Fire offers various person alternatives to browse. The characters are consistently refreshed, just as added. It additionally provides two free characters toward the start of the game: Evo and Adam. As you spend the precious stones – the in-game money, you can open the rest. Each character has its uncommon potential and can be updated by utilizing it all the more frequently. 

PUBG Mobile, then again, doesn’t present as many person alternatives are Free Fire. Albeit, the players are permitted to change their appearance in the game with character skins. 


In the two games, numerous vehicle alternatives have been given to the clients. Nonetheless, PUBG versatile additionally offers transportation on water through boats and a vast assortment of vehicles in contrast with Free Fire that provides clients to pick either a car or a bike. 

Trouble Level 

More players make the game fascinating. That is one purpose for the colossal fan following of PUBG. It is bewildering and requires a massive load of fixation to play it. Different PlayePlayerude is a decent way is a suitable technique to attract the group, yet it similarly makes it an inconvenient game to play. 

Free Fire is elementary to play when stood out from PUBG. It is versatile and comprehendible in a certain kind of way. It doesn’t offer migraines to its admirers. 

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