BGMI marked its return almost 8 months ago in India and it has quickly made its space in the heart of mobile players. It is a variant of or a separate version of PUBG launched in India. BGMI has redefined the norms of E-sports in India. BGIS 2021 (Battleground Mobile Series India Series) success is just a glimpse of the current and potential fanbase that BGMI holds. Millions of fans tuned in to the live stream just to get a glimpse of their favourite players.

The success of the competition was an indicator for fans to expect the announcement of another tournament soon. One can easily say that Krafton succeeded in surpassing the expectations of its fans. Krafton Inc. has announced a roadmap for 2022 and it will begin with BMOC (Battle Mobile Open Challenge).

Tournament and Format of the most anticipated BGMI 2022 Tournament

The Roadmap of the tournament was announced by Krafton on their youtube channel. This is how the tournaments are lined up for the year 2022.

1) Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge (BMOC)

2) Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series Season 1

3) Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS)

4) Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series 2

Along with this Krafton has also announced the structure of BMOC. The first competition is divided into four stages

1) Open qualifiers:- All the teams who have registered for the competition will go against each other in classic game matches.

2) Round 2:- Top 512 teams will proceed into this round. This stage officially marks the beginning of the tournament. Half of the participants will be eliminated in this round.

3) Round 3:- 256 teams will go against each other in this round in order to book their place in the final round.

4) Round 4:- This round will have only 64 teams who will face each other in a breathtaking encounter. 24 teams who will stand at the end of this round will proceed to BMPS Season 1.

Prize Pool

The total prize pool of this tournament is a whooping sum of Rs 6 crore. The prize money is distributed according to the competition.

CompetitionPrize Money (in INR)
BMOC 1 crore
Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series Season 12 crore
BGIS1 crore
Battlegrounds Mobile Pre Series Season 22 crore

The registration of the competition is likely to begin by the end of February. The BMOC competition is likely to begin at end of March. The time period of registration, as well as BMOC, is tentative. Fans are eagerly waiting for the official announcement by Krafton.

This competition is a platform for all the E-gamers in India who can showcase their skills on national and international platforms.

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