Bengal Warriors defeated the Haryana Steelers for the first time in the history of the PKL today. The 48-36 win over the Steelers in the Match no 97 of the PKL 2019 in the Pune leg enabled the Warriors to remain the second spot on the points table.

Maninder Singh served as a champion like performance to all his fans after even garnering a whopping sum of the 18 raid points. Baldev also showcased an out of the world show in the defense part.

Maninder started for the Warriors and even picked up the first point of the evening. Prashanth Kumar Rai collected a swift bonus and even opened the account for the Haryana based franchise.

Vikash Kandola, one of the most successful raiders of PKL 2019, was surprisingly kept at bay by Bengal’s defense since the very inception. Just under six minutes, the team representing Haryana conceded an ill-fated all-out. The Steelers, who had been terrific in their last few matches, could not do anything to change their fortunes and suffered a second unfortunate all-out just under 13 minutes.

In the heavy offense battle, the Warriors Baldev Singh did a commendable job in defense by pitching on the rival raiders, thus even completing his High 5 in the entire process. The Bengal Warriors never let go of the intensity and emerged as the victory against the Haryana Steelers with the score of 48-36, all thanks to the wonderful display in both the defense and offense.