Big Bash League fixtures 2019-20

Here you can find all the BBL09 fixtures for 2019-20, with the Big Bash League season running from Tuesday, December 17 to Saturday, February 8.

BBL fixtures 2019-20

DateHomeAwayVenueTime (AEDT)Broadcast
Week 1
Tue, Dec 17Brisbane HeatSydney ThunderThe Gabba7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Wed, Dec 18Sydney SixersPerth ScorchersSCG7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Thu, Dec 19Melbourne RenegadesSydney ThunderGMHBA Stadium7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Fri, Dec 20Hobart HurricanesSydney SixersTraeger Park2:45 PMSeven/Fox
Fri, Dec 20Brisbane HeatMelbourne StarsMetricon Stadium7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Sat, Dec 21Sydney ThunderAdelaide StrikersManuka Oval6:10 PMFox
Sat, Dec 21Perth ScorchersMelbourne RenegadesOptus Stadium9:10 PMFox
Sun, Dec 22Melbourne StarsHobart HurricanesTBC2:45 PMSeven/Fox
Sun, Dec 22Sydney SixersBrisbane HeatSCG7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Week 2
Mon, Dec 23Adelaide StrikersPerth ScorchersAdelaide Oval7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Tue, Dec 24Hobart HurricanesMelbourne RenegadesBlundstone Arena2:45 PMFox
Thu, Dec 26Perth ScorchersSydney SixersOptus Stadium7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Fri, Dec 27Melbourne StarsAdelaide StrikersMetricon Stadium7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Sat, Dec 28Sydney SixersSydney ThunderSCG7:10 PMFox
Sun, Dec 29Melbourne RenegadesAdelaide StrikersMarvel Stadium7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Week 3
Mon, Dec 30Hobart HurricanesMelbourne StarsUTAS Stadium7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Tue, Dec 31Adelaide StrikersSydney ThunderAdelaide Oval7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Wed, Jan 1Brisbane HeatPerth ScorchersMetricon Stadium7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Thu, Jan 2Sydney ThunderMelbourne StarsSydney Showground3:40 PMFox
Thu, Jan 2Melbourne RenegadesSydney SixersMarvel Stadium7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Fri, Jan 3Hobart HurricanesBrisbane HeatBlundstone Arena7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Sat, Jan 4Melbourne StarsMelbourne RenegadesMCG7:10 PMFox
Sun, Jan 5Sydney SixersAdelaide StrikersCoffs International Stadium6:40 PMSeven/Fox
Sun, Jan 5Perth ScorchersHobart HurricanesOptus Stadium9:40 PMFox
Week 4
Mon, Jan 6Sydney ThunderBrisbane HeatSydney Showground7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Tue, Jan 7Melbourne RenegadesPerth ScorchersGMHBA Stadium7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Wed, Jan 8Adelaide StrikersSydney SixersAdelaide Oval3:40 PMFox
Wed, Jan 8Melbourne StarsSydney ThunderMCG7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Thu, Jan 9Brisbane HeatHobart HurricanesThe Gabba7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Fri, Jan 10Melbourne RenegadesMelbourne StarsMarvel Stadium7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Sat, Jan 11Sydney ThunderHobart HurricanesSydney Showground6:10 PMFox
Sat, Jan 11Perth ScorchersBrisbane HeatOptus Stadium9:10 PMFox
Sun, Jan 12Adelaide StrikersMelbourne RenegadesAdelaide Oval3:40 PMFox
Sun, Jan 12Melbourne StarsSydney SixersMCG7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Week 5
Mon, Jan 13Hobart HurricanesPerth ScorchersBlundstone Arena7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Tue, Jan 14Brisbane HeatAdelaide StrikersThe Gabba3:40 PMFox
Wed, Jan 15Sydney ThunderMelbourne RenegadesManuka Oval6:10 PMSeven/Fox
Wed, Jan 15Perth ScorchersMelbourne StarsOptus Stadium9:10 PMSeven/Fox
Thu, Jan 16Sydney SixersHobart HurricanesSCG7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Fri, Jan 17Adelaide StrikersBrisbane HeatAdelaide Oval3:40 PMFox
Sat, Jan 18Melbourne StarsPerth ScorchersMCG3:40 PMFox
Sat, Jan 18Sydney ThunderSydney SixersSydney Showground7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Sun, Jan 19Hobart HurricanesAdelaide StrikersUTAS Stadium2:45 PMSeven/Fox
Sun, Jan 19Brisbane HeatMelbourne RenegadesGabba7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Week 6
Mon, Jan 20Sydney SixersMelbourne StarsSCG6:40 PMSeven/Fox
Mon, Jan 20Perth ScorchersSydney ThunderOptus Stadium9:40 PMSeven/Fox
Tue, Jan 21Melbourne RenegadesHobart HurricanesMarvel Stadium7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Wed, Jan 22Adelaide StrikersMelbourne StarsAdelaide Oval7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Thu, Jan 23Brisbane HeatSydney SixersGabba7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Fri, Jan 24Hobart HurricanesSydney ThunderBlundstone Arena6:10 PMSeven/Fox
Fri, Jan 24Perth ScorchersAdelaide StrikersOptus Stadium9:10 PMSeven/Fox
Sat, Jan 25Sydney SixersMelbourne RenegadesSCG3:40 PMFox
Sat, Jan 25Melbourne StarsBrisbane HeatMCG7:10 PMFox
Sun, Jan 26Sydney ThunderPerth ScorchersSydney Showground2:45 PMSeven/Fox
Sun, Jan 26Adelaide StrikersHobart HurricanesAdelaide Oval7:10 PMSeven/Fox
Mon, Jan 27Melbourne RenegadesBrisbane HeatMarvel Stadium2:45 PMSeven/Fox
DateHomeAwayVenueTime (AEDT)Broadcast
Elimination final
Thu, Jan 304th-placed side5th-placed sideTBCTBCSeven/Fox
Qualifying final
Fri, Jan 311st-placed side2nd-placed sideTBCTBCSeven/Fox
Sat, Feb 13rd-placed sideWinner elimination finalTBCTBCSeven/Fox
Preliminary final
Thu, Feb 6Loser qualifying finalWinner semi-finalTBCTBCSeven/Fox
Sat, Feb 8Winner qualifying finalWinner preliminary finalTBCTBCSeven/Fox

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